A group weight loss program
for women 40+

What if you could flip a switch and have

the life and body you’ve always wanted?

Switch on your metabolism
Switch on the right mindset
Switch on your life

Switch on your metabolism

Switch on the right mindset
Switch on your life

You’re a smart, determined woman over 40.

And you’re ready to commit:

To finally put yourself first

To stop mindlessly snacking on junk food

To stop the seemingly endless cycle of losing weight only to gain it back

To have more confidence & trust in yourself

To have more energy

To remember the woman you are…without the extra pounds

Only problem is, you can’t seem to find a weight loss plan that works FOR YOU. Past weight loss plans have failed you,
and you’re losing hope that it’s even possible for you.

Maybe you’ve tried…

Joining a gym



Group programs

Calorie counting

Food restrictions

…but everything you’ve tried has failed in the long-term and you’re starting to think that maybe you’re the problem.

It sucks – you’ve put so much time, energy, and money into losing weight, only to find that the diets promised to work didn’t work for you, or they worked temporarily but you gained that weight right back.

Here’s what you may not have realized:

Food and exercise plans (all the things we talked about above) are only as powerful as the mindset work behind them.

In other words, if you skip addressing the
MINDSET behind weight loss and launch yourself head first into a weight loss plan without having things together behind the scenes…it’s likely that your efforts will not be enough to lose that weight and keep it off.

menopause life coach
menopause life coach

Hi ! I’m Maureen Kemeny, your new Weight Loss Coach.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been helping hundreds of women like you lose weight using science-based, psychology-backed methods that are essential
to keeping the weight off long-term.

I have my MA in Psychology, I’m a Certified Advanced Weight Loss & Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, triathlete, Nutritionist, and Fitness Trainer.

But I wasn’t always so great at practicing what I preached. You know how they say doctors are the worst patients? Well, just like you, I used to turn to food
when life threw obstacles at me.

But then I figured out a better way. A way to meet life’s challenges …without sacrificing my own health to do so.

Now I want to teach these skills to you. I founded LifeSwitch to coach smart, determined women like yourself on their path to weight loss by training the MIND, so that the weight will NEVER come back.

The Life Coach School Certified Coach
certified wellcoach
No BS Weightloss Advanced Certification
The Life Coach School Weight Coach
The Life Coach School Certified Coach
certified wellcoach
No BS Weightloss Advanced Certification

MA Psychology

The Life Coach School Weight Coach


Handling whatever life throws at you… without turning to junk food for comfort.

Getting out of bed in the morning without all that pain.

Thriving without digestive issues.

Eating foods you love…while still being in control.

Knowing this is truly the year you will finally lose your weight for good because you now know how to stick with what your doing instead of quitting at the first sign of doubt.

People asking you what are you doing to look so FANTASTIC.

Having fundamental health habits already implemented in your daily life.

Knowing exactly which foods cause bloating & inflammation in YOUR body.

Being a woman who does not fall victim to excuses, but instead
easily rewires those excuses into productive thoughts.

Exercising with a quality over quantity mindset – knowing exactly how to exercise for a woman 40+ with the correct form & modifications and without fear of injury.

When you take action & work with the right coach, this is what’s possible!

Client love…



“This program helped me get back on track for a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. I lost 15 pounds in the first 4 weeks and more importantly I feel great. Through the weekly zoom calls, I was able to learn why I was eating in an unhealthy way. Maureen taught me how to coach myself when I was having urges and understand how to have a positive approach and plan to deal with these feelings. I’m so delighted with these results that I’m continuing this journey by participating in another of Maureen’s programs. “

Donna Klein

before after Weight Loss results with private fitness coach

“In the first 5 weeks, after losing 14 lbs, I realized this was the weight loss program I had been waiting for my whole life! Although my goal was to lose weight, I didn’t expect to have such an emotional awakening and healing.

Seven months later, I was down over 40 pounds, proving that this works and is sustainable. Maureen’s group coaching changed my life by teaching me more about myself and my own limiting beliefs, urges and emotional thoughts about food. This mindset shift has been key to my success and has awakened emotional strength that I never thought I had.

LifeSwitch weight loss is truly the way to lose weight and keep it off.”

– Nanette Luczak

LifeSwitch Weight Loss

– A 12-week group weight loss journey with Maureen Kemeny –

This isn’t the kind of program where you’re told what not to eat and then left to implement weight loss strategies on your own…

This is the kind of program where together, we’ll dig into your subconscious to uncover the thoughts & feelings that have prevented your sustained weight loss in the past. But I won’t leave you hanging! We’ll also work through strategies together to resolve those thoughts & feelings.

What will I accomplish in this program?

Let me show you where you’ll be in 12 weeks

when you join this total mind & body makeover for women over 40.

Here’s what your 12 weeks in LifeSwitch’s

signature weight loss program will look like:

Module 1: Fundamental habits of weight loss


Learn the building blocks of weight loss to fully understand where you are & where you’d like to be

– Define, in detail, your exact goals and how you will feel when you succeed in order to have a clear vision of your upcoming journey

– Learn easily implementable, important health habits that may have been hindering your weight loss thus far

Module 2: Advanced habits of weight loss


Continue developing habits, like the mind-body connection, to ensure long-lasting results

– Develop your mind-body connection to identify when you’re actually hungry & when you’re full

– Learn how to talk to yourself in a way that promotes success instead of failure


Module 3: How to eat for weight loss & life


Learn to eat the way you’re going to live your life. No calorie counting or deprivation.

– Discover your food sensitivies

– Overview of weight loss hormones and how food + eating habits affect them

– Learn how to eat the foods your love without gaining weight so that you can live your life without extreme diets or restrictions

Module 4: Surprise Guest


Details TBA







Module 5: Become the CEO of your brain


Understand the power of mindset in weight loss. We will really dig into the unconscious feelings that are driving you to eat, and resolve them in a healthier way.

– Uncover the unconscious feelings you have right before reaching for food, & the thoughts that create those feelings

– Learn how to rewire thoughts in order to process feelings without food

Module 6: How to intentionally change your thoughts


Learn the proven 4 step process to transform your thoughts from being detrimental, to supporting you in your journey. This process can be applied to all areas of your life!

– Become aware of excuses & learn how to change them into productive thoughts

– Identify & replace negative thoughts with the next best thought and action

Module 7: Urges & self sabotage


Understand what urges really are, why you have them, and how to rise above them.

Bring ways of self-sabotaging to light & master ways to control them.

– Figure out your personal self sabotage patterns and heal the reasons behind it

– Become aware of self sabotage as it happens in real time and learn how to end it once and for all.

Module 8: Surprise GUEST


Details TBA





Module 9: stalls & plateaus


It is disheartening and frustrating reaching a point in your weight loss journey when you stop losing weight. This Module is about navigating a weight loss plateau.

– Create a strategy to get you through a plateau without quitting or beating yourself up

– Learn what to do to jumpstart your body back into weight loss mode.

Module 10: Cardio


Learn the nuances of cardio training for women 40+. Implement motivation techniques. 

– Find the feelings and thoughts that support you in making exercise a habit

– How to choose cardio that you’ll enjoy doing

– How to safely increase your baseline activity

Module 11: strength training


Learn strength methods geared toward women 40+ , including proper form to avoid injury and any modifications you may need.

– Discover why strength training is important for weight loss, menopause, balance, & injury avoidance

– Live strength training class at the end of the week, including customized modifications for your body and any limitations it may have!

Module 12: Putting it all Together


Implement everything you’ve learned and practiced in this program. Use this time to be coached on any topics you still need help with. Recap of your goals, successes, & key strategies.

– Take weight & final measurements

– Graduation!

Here’s what you get when you join LifeSwitch…

Private Facebook group –

Access to a wonderful community of women in the same program as you. This is the best way to support each other in your journeys and learn from each other along the way!

Weekly live coaching –

Once a week, the group meets with me for an hour on Zoom. This is the time to get coached on any aspect taught in the Module of that week. For example, if you have food allergies or sensitivies, I will coach you on alternatives. If you want to exercise but everything you’ve tried hurts those creaky joints, I will train you on modifications.

Dozens of video trainings –

Detailed explanations that you have access to throughout the program. Recorded video trainings means you can watch them as many times as you need, slow them down, speed them up, and take notes as you go.

12 Modules of worksheets –

Downloadable worksheets available in each Module to print and fill out throughout the program. I recommend keeping these in a folder or binder for organization purposes. These worksheets really help you apply what you learn from the video trainings.

Unlimited support –

If you have a question or need help, I’m here for you! No need to wait a week for our live calls to have your questions answered.

Bonus –

Access to members only rate for private coaching at $99 per session (normally $200 per session) – Sometimes you just need a little extra help to fast track your success.

Client love…

 “After following this training, it has been the first time since my 30’s that my love handles are gone! Amazing! I have so much energy, clarity and focus and I don’t have any cravings or urges. Your coaching has helped me, in every aspect of my life! It wasn’t just about eating healthy and exercising! It was wholistic! Truly about mind, body and spirit.”

– Laurie Yancovich

“My results were beyond expectations. I learned how to hack my age related weight gain and slow metabolism. I lost 10 lbs even before the program was finished. Since being in the program I have lost 27 pounds. I know how to deal with cravings and urges. I can’t say enough about the positive changes in my physical and mental health from this program.”

– Anne Smith

To recap, here’s what you’ll receive in this program…

  • Unlimited support (valued at $1050)
  • Dozens of video trainings (valued at $1500)
  • Worksheets for each Module (valued at $825)
  • 12 live group coaching sessions (valued at $2000)
  • Private FB group with comunity support (PRICELESS)

Total value = $5375

But because I’ve changed up some things this time around, I’m treating this as a beta program. What does this mean for you? It means you will be part of the FIRST AND ONLY group to receive this program at the beta price of $997. The cost WILL increase.

One Time Payment


(you save $4378)

Book a free consult


Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other…

Don’t feel like chatting? Email me your questions.


Is this for you?

If you can say YES to at least 3 of the statements below, this will be a great program for you…


You desire changes that will last for life


You have high standards for your life & are ready to be held accountable to achieving your goals


You want to be capable of dealing with whatever life throws at you... without eating your feelings


You want to learn how to eat for your every day life, without severe diet restrictions


You understand that the changes you make now will determine how you show up throughout the rest of your life


You're someone who does not need to be sold on the value and power of investing in yourself

On the other hand, your time is valuable (and so is mine), so if you can say YES to any of the following statements, this may not be a good fit for you…


You're looking for a 'quick fix'


You are not a woman over 40 years old


You aren't willing to address the mindset component of weight loss


You’re more committed to being a victim and whining and complaining than getting into action and taking responsibility for your results.


You aren't willing to change your habits


You cannot either attend Zoom calls or watch the replays

Client love…

“I lost 5 lbs and 5.5 inches during 6 weeks and then another 12 lbs after finishing the program. The digestive issues I had for years cleared up. I now have so much more energy and I’m sleeping much better. My sugar cravings are gone and I can now watch someone eat junk food and I don’t want it or miss it, thanks to the strategies I learned. I accomplished this without dieting. Once I learned what foods my body responds to, the weight came off in a natural way. This has been life changing for me. “

– Maureen Cacace

“I completed Maureen’s program and WOW! I learned so many things about nutrition, weight loss and more importantly about myself. The mindset change and thinking exercises helped me to understand what was keeping me from reaching my weight loss goals. Maureen’s guidance and support made this program fun, informative and helped me lose 25 pounds and I’ve lost 10 inches. My knees don’t grind anymore and this is huge in helping me avoid surgery. I am motivated to continue on my journey to health and wellness. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to take care of themselves and be their best version. ”

– Jacquie Kummel

“This is exactly what I need, how do we get started?”

I only allow a small handful of women to join this group to ensure you get my full attention, so it’s important that we’re a good fit for each other.

If you believe you’re perfect for one of these limited spots, here’s what you need to do:

 Step 1

Review this list to ensure you are a good match.

Step 2 (optional)

This is an optional step if you have questions or aren’t sure if you’re a good fit for the program: Book an Introductory Consult where we’ll get to know each other and determine if we want to embark on your weight-loss journey together. If you book an introductory consult, please complete the questions when booking the consult in Calendly, which will help me come to our call prepared and ready to serve you.

Step 3

Secure your place in the program. Be sure to sign up before spots are filled.

Step 4

Add the coaching calls to your calendar. While you’re awaiting the first call, you can familiarize yourself with the membership site and access the ‘Pre-Start’ Module to prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

Maureen Kemeny healthy food

Take a deep breath and imagine how you could look & feel in 12 weeks if you take action now.

You could be…

  • Fitting in those pants that you haven’t been able to wear in years but refuse to get rid of
  • Using your newfound energy to cross items off your bucket list
  • Going to the doctor without any anxiety over being weighed
  • Thinking clearly without mental fog
  • In control of your urges & cravings
  • Living your day without constantly thinking about food

So if that little voice in your head is saying things like “you can’t do this” or “it’s not worth it” or “you’re going to fail”…I want you to tell it, “Thank you for your concern, but I was born for this. This is my time!”

NOW is your time to look, feel, & live how you know you were meant to!

Client love…

“My own thinking was making me overweight and feeling miserable. This was the biggest eye opener for me – understanding how much my thoughts were affecting my health. I reset my thinking, renewed my energy and got results on the scale. I’m not as tired and I’m way more active. I actually look forward to exercising now. I used to want to snack all the time and now my urges are gone. I reached my goal weight of 10 pounds within 6 weeks and I had to go out and buy clothes a size smaller. Everything has flipped and I couldn’t be happier with how I feel. I’m so glad I did! Update, since I finished the program I have lost another 10 pounds. I have a whole new relationship with food and myself. My advice…don’t think about it…do it…. you’re worth it!”

Janet Schiff DiFiori

“Am I ever glad I signed up for Maurreen’s progam. In 6 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and 7 inches and I gained so much knowledge about what to eat, when to eat and how to change my thought processes about eating. It worked! I weigh less now at age 57 than I did when I got married at age 22. I feel so energized. Thanks to Maureen and the program I have a new relationship with food and I feel so good. I have not weighed this since high school. To think that I have not suffered from hunger or cravings while losing 10 pounds so far is amazing!”

Lenore McDonald

Here’s the questions my top clients asked before joining LifeSwitch Weight Loss…


Why is this program 12 weeks? Can't we do it faster?

There’s a reason why women who lose weight quickly through a super restrictive diet gain all the weight (and then some) back. They change their body without changing their mindset. Sure, I could make the program shorter if I didn’t really care about your success, but 12 weeks is the time needed to really change mindset and habits and I want to support you throughout the entire process.

With that said, if you really can’t commit to 12 weeks, you can choose to work with me one-on-one instead.


I'm so busy. How much of my time will this program require?

On average, you will commit to 2 hours per week of workshops, lives, and homework. With that said, the more time and effort you put in, the more benefits of this program you’ll reap.


What if I fall behind?

All workshops and lives are recorded. You will have access to the recordings and assignments through the duration of the program until 1 month after the program ends. Plenty of time to catch up!


I have dietary restrictions. Can I still join?

Yes! This program teaches you how to eat for real life. It is not a diet. You can take the lessons and apply them to a range of dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc.)


Are you on social media?


Still have questions?

Contact Maureen here


What if I miss a group call?

No worries! All calls are recorded. You will have access to the recordings for the duration of the program.


Do I need to buy supplements to participate?

No, I teach you how to eat for real life.  In this program you will get your nutrients from food, not supplements.


What technology do I need to join?

You will need internet connection, Zoom application, and a device that supports Zoom (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop). It is also recommended – but not required- that you join our private Facebook group for additional support and accountability.


How does the money back guarantee work?

You must attend all calls and complete all assignments during their assigned week to be eligible. If you miss a group call, simply watch the recording and send me a form to show that you watched it.


Do I need to be a good cook to be successful in this program?

Definitely not. In fact, there are no recipes involved in this program. Instead, you will learn the correct types of foods and proportions. This method is more adaptable to your tastes and kitchen skills.


I don't live in the USA. Can I sign up?

Of course- the more the merrier. Keep in mind that I list all Zoom calls in EST. If the times don’t work for your time zone, you can access all recordings and program material 24/7.


Do you have a newsletter?

I sure do! I send out a weekly newsletter. Content varies, but is all health & wellness related. No spam. You’ll receive exclusive advice ranging from recipes to tips on mindset shifts. You can sign up here.

I’m ready to flip that switch,

to become the woman I’m meant to be!

One Time Payment


(you save $4378)

Book a free consult


Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other…

Don’t feel like chatting? Email me your questions.


Let’s connect !

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