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As a woman over 40, it can feel impossible TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF.


Is this you? Are you committed and ready for change?



You lose 5 lbs and gain 6 back


Your clothes don’t fit, and you feel miserable. And if that isn’t bad enough, you talk to yourself like you’re a failure for not having ‘control’ and for letting yourself go


Your body just isn’t like it used to be


You don't feel healthy


Sleep is inconsistent and anxiety has increased


Joints hurt


You're constantly tired


You reach for food at 3 pm to get you over the afternoon slump.


Medical issues have served as a wake-up call. It’s now or never





As older women, our needs are different from when we were young. We can’t eat the way we use to. Also, our approach to exercise needs to be different. Most importantly the old ways of thinking about weight loss just don’t work.

The diet industry has messed us up.

Years of dieting, fear of eating fat, body shaming, and calorie counting have led you to where you are now.

weight loss coach for women
before after Weight Loss results with private fitness coach

It’s time for a more modern approach

that encourages you to think differently about your body, your daily life, and your possibilities.

Once you’re ready to commit, I will get you results.

Weight loss is my specialty. I have a Master’s in Psychology and extensive training in weight loss, fitness, nutrition and health for women.

I’ve helped hundreds of women lose weight and feel amazing in their skin.

Check out my group coaching program here.

If one on one is more your style, check out the private coaching option here.

I teach a modern approach to losing weight that incorporates proven psychological and science-backed methods for permanent weight loss and overall health calculators.

You’ll get a nutrition coach, a personal trainer, a life coach, and an emotional eating coach.


I’ll teach you to break ties with the diet culture that caused you to judge your self-worth by the numbers on the scale.

You’ll quickly learn how to eat and exercise for weight loss. That’s the easy part.

The hard part is learning how to stay with it when you don’t feel like it…when life gets hard.

It’s the emotional aspect of weight loss that’s hard.

I want you to learn how to be mad, stressed, or anxious without needing to turn to food for relief.

I want you to lose weight once and for all and have tons of energy to enjoy this stage of your life.
Are you ready to age gracefully? Let’s do it!

Have a question? Want to see if we’re a good fit?

What my clients say…

“Maureen is the real deal. She comes to me as a coach who fully understands the body’s nutrition needs and how to balance it appropriately in order to retain good health and achieve a body weight that is more in line with good health. Maureen is extremely knowledgeable with exercise science as well. Finding Maureen has given me my life back in many ways. Being someone who has studied nutrition and health most of my life, I feel I am someone you can trust when I say Maureen knows her business. She is focused and passionate about her client’s success.”

– Jeannine B. Miller, NY

"If you're looking for a smart and efficient way to lose weight, understand the mechanics of your biology or gain insight into the social behaviours connected to binge eating or intense cravings taking over your mind and health, this program is for you! Maureen Kemeny has developed a stream-lined program that introduces you to an alternate relationship with food, exercise and, ultimately, yourself! Her technique is grounded in a no-nonsense approach that relies on research from the biological sciences and social psychology and provides participants with meaningful information necessary to making those important personal breakthroughs."

– Rosa Poiretta, St. Catharines, ON

"I discovered some food sensitivities that I never realized I had. When I stopped eating these foods, my headaches and bloating cleared up. I lost weight, and had a lot more energy. Best of all, my mood was so much better and I felt emotionally stronger. Before Maureen's program, I was feeling really unmotivated and had low energy. I wanted to lose weight and feel better. I got so much more out of the program than just weight loss. My headaches and hot flashes stopped. I discovered some food sensitivities I never knew I had. When I stopped eating those foods my joints stopped hurting and swelling went down. Bloating went away and best of all I felt better emotionally. "

– Becky Poletti, Youngstown, NY

"I lost 13 lbs. in 6 weeks in Maureen's program and I’ve continued to lose since finishing the program. I’ve now lost 25 pounds and counting. My clothes fit. I feel so good that I’m now motivated to exercise everyday. There is no more mindless munching at night. I am now able to recognize emotional hunger from real hunger and I know what to do instead of stuffing my feelings. I continue to walk every day and I’ve hired a personal trainer. This program showed me how to change my lifestyle instead of dieting, which doesn’t work. I love this journey I’m on and I learned to love myself. "

– Maria Gadowski, Niagara Falls, NY

"I lost 10.2 pounds during the program and a total of 4.5 inches. What I love is that I can now attend social gatherings and still enjoy myself without overeating and feeling deprived. I can’t believe that I now don’t crave cookies in the afternoon. I have so much more energy and clarity. Everything came together for me in this program and I now get it. I know how to eat and what to eat to continue to lose weight and feel great. I’m able to plan what I will eat and I don’t eat anymore. I’m now in control."

– Tina Coppins, Lewiston, NY

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