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Ready to reinvent yourself?

When you work with me one-on-one, you get a:

🎯 Certified Life Coach

🎯 Certified Health & Wellness Coach

🎯 Certified Advanced Weight Loss Coach

🎯 Certified Fitness Coach

🎯 Masters In Psychology

After a traumatic injury, I reinvented myself. Since then, I’ve helped 100’s of women like you make long-lasting change

Change Your Mind + Change Your Body = Change Your Life

Does this sound like you?


You struggle to get through the day


Your weight used to be much easier to manage


Heck, almost every area of your life seemed easier to manage


Your body now seems to have a mind of its own


You're not sleeping well


You no longer know what foods to eat or what exercises will help


You've been fighting the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight for years and, with menopause, it's worse


Your joints ache


Certain foods bother your stomach


You know your reliance on medications is a red flag


The concept of aging gracefully feels unattainable


You just don't feel like yourself anymore and you are so tired of feeling this way.

I know it may be hard to believe, but:

It is possible to lose weight once and for all and feel like yourself again…

…and it doesn’t have to be hard!

There are science-backed changes in nutrition and fitness you’ll want to implement as a woman over 40 – I can teach you these in a simple way. Frankly, this is the easy part.

The next step is building a better relationship with food and yourself.

You’re probably aware of the basics of nutrition. (If not, no worries, we’ll cover them together!)

But for lasting weight loss, you need to understand why you eat when you aren’t hungry and why you eat foods that aren’t good for you.

It’s critical to understand why you don’t make your health and self-care a priority.


Maureen Kemeny Life Coach

If you say you eat healthy but you’re overweight, then you’re lying to yourself!

Food can only solve one thing – hunger.

So why do you use food to solve other problems?


When you're bored...you eat.


When you didn't sleep and you're exhausted all day...you eat.


When you're stressed...you eat.


When you're overwhelmed, sad, angry...you eat.

this is why diets don’t work. they don’t teach you how to deal with life’s problems without using food.

Sure, you can go to a nutritionist or doctor. They can give you a nutrition plan, diet pills and bariatric surgery, but if you don’t work on your mindset then you’ll end up back where you started.

If it was just about what you eat or don’t eat, then everyone on a diet would be skinny!

There are unconscious thoughts deeply wired in your subconscious brain that lead to the behaviors of emotional eating. We’re going to get to the bottom of these thoughts and resolve overeating once and for all.

Food doesn’t resolve feelings.

Eating to “help” with life stress actually makes the feelings worse (and makes your clothes tighter).

It’s what’s going on in your mind (i.e. your thoughts) that make you fall off your diet or regain that weight. It’s your thoughts that make you feel shame, disappointment, self-doubt.

fitness for women over 40
The Life Coach School Weight Coach
certified wellcoach
The Life Coach School Certified Coach
menopause life coach

 are you ready to face life without using food to cope?!

Right now you might not believe in yourself. You might not believe this is possible for you. It’s normal to doubt yourself when you’ve been stuck for so long. Don’t worry, we will develop self-belief during your weight loss and fitness coaching.

I’ll show you a different way- one you’ve never tried!

By having me guide you in private weight loss and fitness coaching,


My specialties:


Identifying and reducing or eliminating symptoms from food insensitivies and inflammation, including: brain fog, GI tract and leaky gut, bloating, fatigue, itching, flushing


Joint pain


Addressing muscle loss in women over 40


Psychology & Mindset of weight loss

You’ll learn:


the fundamentals of weight loss, such as WHAT TO EAT and the RIGHT WAY TO EXERCISE, specifically for women over 40


when you are actually hungry versus when you are emotional eating


to understand your triggers and how to break the pattern of relying on food to handle internal turmoil. (For example, how to identify thoughts that stress you out and drive you to eat & what to do instead.)


how to handle situations like buffets and parties without gaining weight


how to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF


to read the physical cues your body gives you


which nutrition strategies work best for this stage of life, including balancing hormones that influence weight, energy, & overall health


which foods deplete your energy and give you digestive issues & mood swings


which past events keep you stuck in low self-esteem & how to address them so that you can believe in yourself

It’s well documented that how you live now significantly influences how well you age.

I want you to live a life with intention, purpose, and abundance.

Research shows that little changes in what you eat, how you move, and what you think will minimize your chances of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Weight loss is a journey of self-love. You learn to give yourself what the number on the scale can never give you…self-love and acceptance. In weight loss and fitness coaching with me, you’ll learn that a softer, more loving approach is the true secret to weight loss. NOT deprivation or self- depreciation.

(If private weight loss and fitness coaching isn’t for you, I offer a group weight loss program, also designed specifically for women over 40.)

Weight loss and Fitness Coaching

Aging gracefully is not a pipe dream.

You are never too old to be healthier.

Your health is your greatest wealth. IT’S YOUR TIME.

Are you ready to learn what is really holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off?

1:1 Weight Loss and Fitness Coaching

How it works:

Step 1 (Optional):

If you’re unsure if private weight loss and fitness coaching is right for you, let’s hop on a call to find out! You have the option to schedule a free consultation here. If you already know, then skip to step 2!

Step 2: Initial consultation

We will discuss your weight loss and fitness coaching goals and the obstacles you’re currently facing that make these goals difficult to accomplish on your own. We’ll talk about your schedule, lifestyle and environment. Finally, we will create a plan that aligns with you and your life.

 Click here to book now

Step 3: Follow up sessions

We work together to follow the plan and achieve those goals. I’ll offer continued support, education and guidance along the way.

If you’d like to see my coaching style, go to minute 21:45 of this video.

Still unsure about 1:1 Weight Loss and Fitness coaching? Let’s find out if we’re a good fit:


“Maureen is the real deal. She comes to me as a coach who fully understands the body’s nutrition needs and how to balance it appropriately in order to retain good health and achieve a body weight that is more in line with good health.

Maureen is extremely knowledgeable with exercise science as well. Finding Maureen has given me my life back in many ways. Being someone who has studied nutrition and health most of my life, I feel I am someone you can trust when I say Maureen knows her business. She is focused and passionate about her client’s success.”

– Jeannine B. Miller, Lewiston NY

“For me, the barriers of traditional family habits with food, and spoiled thinking around nutrition and movement were barriers to my personal success in health. Maureen’s holistic approach through the mind, body, and soul helped to reveal and heal some unfruitful thought patterns. One thing I’ve learned for sure is that if you don’t make time for your health now, you will pay for it with sickness later. Through coaching, I have ceased some serious negative family habits that I didn’t recognize existed until we began to peel back the layers. Maureen helps her clients to understand that all we need to be successful dwells within, but we have to be willing to do the hard work of using honesty as our keys to the health that we desire to unlock. Coaching has switched the course of my life. The light of lessons I’ve learned are still illuminating my path!”

– Tomorrow Allen-Collings, Niagara Falls NY

“I have not had a good night’s sleep in over 3-4 years. I would wake up every hour and also stay awake for long periods of time. Everything that my doctor said to do or take, barely helped me. I was so frustrated with not being able to sleep through the night. Since coaching with Maureen, I now sleep throughout the whole night, which I haven’t been able to do in years.

For the past several years I have struggled with my skin. Acne has been a huge issue for me. It has gotten a little better over the years, but I was still not happy with how it looked. I have been to a dermatologist and have researched a lot about acne to figure out how to help this issue decrease, but nothing seemed to help. Since working with Maureen I can now confidently say that my skin has progressively gotten so much better…

…I also struggled with some stomach issues for a couple years. I have been vegetarian for over 10 years and recently went vegan. I was unsure of what was wrong with my stomach but throughout working with Maureen my stomach issues have decreased.

Maureen has helped me greatly and has given me tips to help all my issues listed above. Throughout seeing all of the doctors I have, no one was able to help me, but Maureen was. Maureen has helped me to figure out what foods work for me, and has also helped to educate me about certain foods and the protein and nutrients that are in food. I am extremely grateful for the help Maureen was able to offer me!”

Emily Barone, Niagara Falls NY

Weight Loss results after working with a private fitness coach

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