The Best Tip for Quickly Achieving Your Health Goal at 40+… and it isn’t what You Think!

There are many well-researched health tips that will contribute significantly to your health, but the tip that will make the biggest impact is one that is not well-known or talked about until now!

When trying to achieve a health goal, most people focus their energy on actions. For example, I’m not losing weight so I’ll add more exercise to my day, or I’ll eat less food. This approach won’t last.

Lasting change starts by creating thoughts that will make you feel good about what you want to do.

In order to implement positive actions in your life, you need to adopt a THOUGHT that supports that action. Positive thoughts create positive feelings. Positive feelings support positive actions. Positive actions create positive RESULTS in your life.

The single most impactful health tip is to focus on the quality of your thoughts surrounding your health goal.

If you aren’t achieving a result you want, it’s because you have a thought that doesn’t support that goal. First look at the thought behind your goal. How does that thought make you feel? Or, you can ask yourself what thought is making you feel discouraged about your goal?

For example, when someone tells me that they want to exercise consistently, but they just don’t have the motivation to make it a consistent part of their life, I know we need to explore that person’s thoughts around exercise. When I ask how she feels about exercise she may say, “I hate it” or, “It’s a chore”. When I ask why she feels that way she may say, “It’s hard for me” or, “I’ve never been good at it” or, “I do it because I’ve eaten too much”. None of these thoughts make her feel good. No wonder she isn’t able to enjoy exercise. Why would you want to continue doing something that makes you feel bad?

When this same person is able to create thoughts around exercise that make her FEEL better, feel more joy, feel more empowered, feel less discouraged, only then will she be able to make exercise a regular part of her life.

When you are able to implement positive actions in your life, it’s because you’ve adopted a THOUGHT that makes you feel more positive about that goal.

I want you to think about one of your health goals for a second. Is it to drink more water, eat more vegetables, add more exercise, lose weight,….?

How does the woman who has achieved that goal think? Her internal environment – her thoughts – and her external environment support that future person.

Now ask yourself, “Do I show up as that version of me NOW? Do I show up as the woman who is living that goal?”

The woman who wants to eat more vegetables prepares a grocery list that includes vegetables. She shops and has produce in her fridge for the week. She finds pre-washed lettuce and many other convenient healthy choices which makes it super easy. She plans her meals daily and knows what vegetables she will eat at each meal. Her thought may be, “I deserve to feel my best”.

The woman who fuels with water has a method for making it consistent and convenient. She has a glass or metal water bottle that she fills first thing in the morning. She refills it when it’s empty. She keeps it at her desk and sips throughout the day. She takes it with her when she gets in the car. She may even set her timer to remind her to drink. 🥤🥛

Her thought may be, “Water makes my skin glow”.

The woman who exercises consistently looks at her calendar at the beginning of the week and plans her exercise. She knows what she will do on what day and at what time. If she goes to the gym she has a gym bag packed so she doesn’t get to the gym unprepared. She makes this appointment with herself NON-NEGOTIABLE. After all, this is the most important activity on her calendar. 🏋🏼‍♀️🏸🧘‍♀️
Her thought may be, “Exercise gives me energy”.

Do you create an environment that reflects where she’s at?

Think about the future you who is healthier and start to be her NOW. How you show up every day MATTERS!

If you want to achieve your goal this year, start showing up and making decisions the way your future self would! These decisions are based on the quality of your thoughts.

Start living through that lens and I guarantee you’ll get there!⠀

This is the mindset of RESULTS. Live now as the future you.

Have a wonderful week. I would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know below!

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