Simple Ways to Protect the Earth and Yourself

Happy belated Earth Day! My thought is we should celebrate Earth Day every day. What do you think?

Our relationship with our beautiful planet is symbiotic and the health of one greatly influences the health of the other. The small, simple steps we take to protect the earth make a difference.

There are toxic chemicals everywhere – in our environment, food, packaging, plastics, home, skincare products, and water.

So how can we make a difference?

There are so many ways. We can focus on recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste. Another way is to avoid purchasing products that add to the toxic load. These can be replaced with safer alternatives that don’t pollute the environment.

Some changes we’ve made in our home include:

  • buying organic produce and grass-fed meat when possible (reduce methane gas)
  • using natural ingredients to clean in the home
  • avoiding scented skincare products
  • avoiding plastic (e.g. no more plastic water bottles, plastic wrap, plastic containers)
  • water filtration system

Before using a product, I research the list of ingredients to find information about its safety. A website you can use for this research is Environmental Working Group.

Several years ago, I started incorporating essential oils into my everyday life to replace many of the toxic products we used in our home.

Bonus: replacing toxic products with essential oils is good for both the planet AND our health!

We’ve replaced:

  • dryer sheets with wool balls + essential oils*
  • air fresheners with water diffusers & essential oils*
  • home cleaning products with essential oils, vinegar & baking soda*
  • perfume with essential oils*
  • antiperspirant with homemade deodorant
  • skincare lotion with scent-free / chemical-free lotion from doTERRA
  • shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo from doTERRA
  • Advil / Tylenol with peppermint & deep blue blend from doTERRA
  • poison ivy cream with tea tree, peppermint & lavender essential oils*
  • airway congestion with peppermint, lemon, oregano & tea tree essential oils*
  • sleep aids with Serenity & Adaptiv essential oil blends, lavender, vetiver & cedarwood*
  • anti- stress aids with Adaptiv blend, sandalwood, Balance blend, Peace blend*
  • seasonal relief with lemon, peppermint, frankincense & lavender essential oils*
  • toothpaste with fluoride-free toothpaste from doTERRA
  • toxic makeup with Beauty Counter makeup
  • digestive distress with DigestZen essential oil blend, peppermint & ginger essential oils*

*I use doTERRA because they are the purest and safest essential oils on the market. If you’re interested you can find their products here.

If you need help placing an order or want to know how to get 25% off your order, reach out to me HERE and I would be happy to help.

I even love to add a few drops of essential oils to furnace filters. The air smells wonderful and we get the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil.

And did you know chemicals make it harder to lose weight? There are chemicals that mess with our hormones and encourage fat storage.

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