The Natural Cleaning Project

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Spring is in the AIR!

Are you ready for warmer weather and for nature to come to life?      🌺🌱

This is the perfect time for Spring Cleaning! Since we’re home-bound lets join forces and get it done TOGETHER. 💪🏼💪🏼  👯‍♀️👫

👉I want to share the Natural Cleaning project to help inspire and guide you on an ALL-Natural process that is safe for the whole family! We will rid our homes of dirt, grime & toxins, leaving it clean and healthy!

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Why Natural Cleaning?

✅ Companies that make household cleaning products are NOT required by federal law to print a full list of ingredients on their packaging. This means that manufacturers have no reason to avoid risky chemicals that happen to clean well.

✅ Many store bought home cleaners are filled with toxic  chemicals

✅ Many of these products are linked to serious health concerns – allergies, asthma, cancer, reproductive problems.

✅ Children are more vulnerable to chemical exposure and certain chemicals may interfere with their neurological, endocrine and immune systems.

✅ Many cleaning products have a negative environmental impact when they go down the drain or sent to the landfill

✅ There are no current regulations requiring manufacturers to fully list their ingredients on their packages or online, which can leave shoppers completely in the dark regarding the safety of these products. Although some companies voluntarily reveal some ingredients, only about one in seven cleaning products reviewed by EWG in 2016 fully disclosed ingredients on their packages or websites.

The Natural Cleaning Project Details:


👉Natural Cleaning Project – A community wide DIY project – April 21 at 4pm – online on zoom
👉Five all-natural cleaning recipes will be provided and together we will make them.
👉Free green cleaning mini guide.

✔️Fee – $10
Once you register a supply list and zoom link will be emailed
If by chance you miss the live class, a recording will be sent to you (fee waived if you open a doTERRA account).    REGISTER HERE 


✔️Current doTERRA customers – FREE

When we declutter and clean our space we also declutter and clean our mind.

When our spaces are messy and unorganized, it lessens our ability to function at a higher level and to truly enjoy and love our space.

Best part… cleaning and organizing are FREE ways to instantly change our mood and to increase the amount of joy we get from our homes.

I’m excited to have you  join me on this Natural Cleaning Journey!! ❤️

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