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I’m here to teach you WHY you think you’re doing the right stuff yet still can’t lose weight.


Women in my programs have learned this secret, which has helped them lose weight and keep it off. They no longer believe in the diet industry’s myths about health and weight loss. Best of all…they no longer have those sweet tooth cravings as night!


My Advanced Weight Loss certification, MA in Psychology, and years of coaching hundreds of women like you have given me the tools needed to guarantee your success.


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What my clients say…

“Maureen is the real deal. Being someone who has studied nutrition and health most of my life, I feel I am someone you can trust when I say Maureen knows her business. She is focused and passionate about her client’s success.”

– Jeannine B. Miller

“What I love is that I can now attend social gatherings and still enjoy myself without overeating and feeling deprived. I can’t believe that I now don’t crave cookies in the afternoon. I have so much more energy and clarity.”

– Tina Coppins

“There is no more mindless munching at night. I am now able to recognize emotional hunger from real hunger and I know what to do instead of stuffing my feelings.”

– Maria Gadowski

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