Jumpstart 3 Month Plan



If you’re looking for a holistic approach to health then this program is for you. This means your 3 month journey will focus on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle management and emotional and mental wellbeing. This is truly a body, mind and soul approach to health.

 The jumpstart program is having a compassionate coach (certified in current science-based methodology) + an easy-to-follow plan + daily action steps and check-ins.

What’s Included: Your personalized 90-day health + fitness coaching plan comes with:

preassessmentIn this complete questionnaire, I’ll get to know you and your current situation from all angles. We’ll look at areas like current fitness level, nutrition style, energy, emotional well-being and overall health to peg what needs our attention most.

consultationWhat are your wellness goals, your biggest dreams? What bold changes do you want to make during our time together? Is it a summer-ready body you’re after? More energy to play with the kids? Understanding how to eat for energy? We’ll spend an entire hour digging into your ultimate wellness dream, and evaluating other related success factors, like obstacles and readiness to change. And then we’ll make sure you feel 100% confident to make your dream a new reality.

You’ll leave the session with a detailed “Wellness Vision Statement’ outlining how you’ll look, feel and behave when you’ve reached your goal. This deliciously detailed description will keep you motivated and on track.

roadmap After our first session, we’ll create your first roadmap. This written, monitored and inspiring plan is actually a  shared Google document where you’ll find your weekly bite-sized  goals that lead to your audacious three month goals.

Together, we’ll create a personalized, strategic health and fitness plan that’s easy-to-follow, achievable and best of all – sustainable.

checkinsWe’ll spend 60 minutes a week re-aligning, re-assessing and re-strategizing. There’s massive power in accountability, and knowing I’ll be popping in each and every week to get a detailed update on your progress will keep you on track. Guaranteed.

Nanette Luczak“After more than 10 years I finally found something that worked. In 12 weeks with Maureen I lost a total of 40 pounds. For the first time in a long time I felt really proud about how I looked.” -Nanette Luczak

 2020 Investment:

This 12 week Partnership + Plan + Accountability (Feeling Healthy, More Fit and Energized) = $2,400

Ready to JUMP? Book a free 30 minute consultation here!

Currently, there is a wait list, but I would still be happy to chat and see if this program is a fit for you.

This will give us a chance to make sure we’re a good fit to work together. The session can be done via Skype,  telephone or in person. Should we decide to move forward, you’ll receive your HEALTH FITNESS WELLNESS ASSESSMENT, and your journey will begin!

KateL2“With Maureen’s guidance, I was able to go, not from “Couch to 5K,” but from 5K to Ironman Lake Placid Age Group winner, and subsequently, to Finisher at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, in October of 2013. I reached the pinnacle of competition in my sport as a 60 year old, and I know that Maureen played an integral part in that achievement.” –Kate Leary


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