How To Overcome Fear

In this post, I’m sharing a personal story to help you understand that fear is normal and it doesn’t have to stop you from living your dreams and goals.

Fear is tragic. It’s tragic because it stops us from fully living.

I watched my first triathlon in my twenties. I was so excited by the event and the energy of the participants, that I decided I wanted to do one. I went out and spent $400 on my first triathlon bike. Back then that was a fortune.

I spent the next year training for the event which includes 3 sports – swimming, biking and running. Then the following year, I felt unready and afraid to do the full event on my own, so I put together a team. One friend would swim, another bike and I would run. Our swimmer had to bail at last minute, and since we were short a team member, we couldn’t participate.

Time marched on as it always does. I got married, had children, worked, moved to a different country and before I knew it, more than 20 years had passed and I still hadn’t participated in a triathlon.

What stopped me? FEAR – tragic, debilitating fear.

What made me so fearful? My thoughts….
I wasn’t a good swimmer
How would I find my bike in the transition area?
How do I train for 3 different sports?
How do I do well at something that I’ve never done before?
How would I find time given that I had a family, work and a home?
etc. etc. etc.


We are programmed to be fearful. Our primitive brain wants to keep us safe and it perceives any change, including new thoughts as potential danger.

This is why when you set a new goal for yourself like weight loss, it can be so hard. It’s not that you are weak, or unmotivated, or lack character. Not at all.

The fearful thoughts I had about participating in the triathlon was the problem. The root cause of feeling fear was my own thoughts. It wasn’t my behavior, but my fearful thoughts that resulted in inaction and 20 years of lost opportunity.


We have over 40,000 thoughts a day and we’re not consciously aware of them all, but they are the reasons for every feeling we have.

Positive results come from positive thoughts.

Overcome your fears


I sucked at my first triathlon. I had a panic attack and desperately tried to get the attention of the rescue boat. They never saw me and I was forced to get to shore. I got there doing side stroke… not free style like all the other graceful swimmers.

But I continued to practice and within a few years I was invited to be on an Elite Triathlon Team. I found a sport that I LOVED. It allowed me to travel, train and meet so many wonderful people.


You have the choice to believe the thoughts that aren’t serving you, or you can create thoughts that serve you much better.

Challenge these thoughts and tell your primitive brain “thanks for looking after me, but I’ve got this”.

This I know for sure – any goal you wish for yourself is within your reach.

Let me know what that wish is.

Is it losing weight, participating in a race, being an example of health for your children or grandchildren, having more energy, learning a new language, or perhasp reversing type 2 diabetes?

Fear is a natural response to life. Letting it stop you from living your best life though is tragic because there is a way to stop giving it control.

Are you ready to take control? I’m able to help.

Happy to serve .. You can always find me here

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