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Between taking care of my family, work, and trying to start a new business, I have not been able to find a way to take care of myself and find a happy balance. Maureen helped me find that balance.
Christin Blyumin: Wellness and Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer
Here’s what JoAnn has to say about the 4 week holistic weigh loss series – Lose Weight Feel Great!
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 Clients LOVE the individuality and results from one on one coaching!
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“I’m a mother of two girls, work full-time and I have a really busy schedule. Making health and fitness a priority seemed impossible, but Maureen changed that for me. Her system is all about making goals compatible with your life. I was able to fit in strength training and running and was not overwhelmed.

I consider working with Maureen Kemeny an honor and a privilege. She is the perfect combination of accountability, motivation, dedication and encouragement. She works with the whole person through training the mind and body with emotional and physical support. Maureen is passionate about fitness and it shows through in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. I appreciate that she is up to date with the latest in science, fitness, health and wellness.

Maureen is the perfect coach for you if you are ready to commit to becoming healthier and more fit. She walks her talk and is an inspiration in her commitment to be her best. I love her personalized approach, her genuine dedication and feedback to helping everyone succeed in living a happier/healthier lifestyle. Maureen is very caring and an overall amazing person inside and out. If you want to change your lifestyle for the better, Maureen Kemeny is the person to contact!”

-Ann Marie Oliverio: teacher, Lewiston, NY





“Maureen has found her sweet spot – supporting women -at a certain age – to re-claim their health and fitness. I loved working with Maureen. She is compassionate and encouraging. She is also an amazing problem solver, provides concrete suggestions and a super personalized approach. Thank you Maureen for giving me the inspiration and the plan I needed.”

-Bev Barnes: Master Life Coach & Coach Mentor




“Between taking care of my family, work, and trying to start a new business, I have not been able to find a way to take care of myself and find a happy balance. Maureen helped me find that balance. Together we established concrete goals each week that encouraged me to put myself first and helped me reach some goals and realizations that I otherwise would never had even approached. Talking with her weekly helped me stay on track and allowed me to have someone to work towards my goals with. Thanks to working with Maureen, I have been able to maintain my balance and continued to want to set new goals for myself!”


-Christin Blyumin: Wellness and Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Lenore-McDonald-pic“I began working with Maureen in October 2013 and am so glad that I did! In the 3 month time frame I have lost 9 pounds and gained muscle definition specifically in my arms. I have increased energy and motivation to accomplish simple tasks as well as fitness goals that I have set for myself. I am also more flexible since adding yoga to my routine. My diet is improved. I now eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more water. I feel better all around and cannot recommend Maureen and her system more.

One of the best parts of working with Maureen is that she removes obstacles from your path to health and fitness. I am super busy like most women and at age 50 I felt like I knew what it was going to take to change my health and fitness level. Diet, exercise- I have heard it all before. The problem for me was in actually applying these concepts to an already over-scheduled lifestyle. I was sorely lacking in motivation to make the needed changes. I was not exercising smartly or eating in the healthiest way and Maureen has helped me change all that. Her program also addressed one of my toughest challenges- organization. After a thorough and individual assessment, Maureen developed a system that worked for me and addressed my own concerns and issues. I liked that I did not have to come up with a plan. Maureen did it for me. She has built in accountability which really helped motivate me. Also- it is flexible. She knows that my working schedule can vary from day to day and I can switch up workouts based on my time available. Working from the schedule she created for me has been super simple. There is not a lot of thought involved for me which makes it so easy. I just check out my schedule daily and check off my tasks as I accomplish them. I love completing my daily tasks and checking them off. It is very satisfying.

Maureen has taken away the stress of trying to become fit. She is there for extra support and to help tweak things as needed. I just concentrate on my tasks and the big picture has fallen into place. I am no longer freaking out about every little pound. I have learned through my program with my Maureen that if I put my energies into doing the tasks at hand that I will see results and I have!”

-Lenore McDonald: nurse, Houston, Texas

SC“It is without reservation that I highly recommend the fitness and wellness coaching services of Maureen Kemeny.

I have known Maureen for over 10 years as an extraordinarily talented Health and Fitness Guide capable of customizing tailor-made programs for each client’s specific needs and goals. I travel extensively and Maureen created a traveling fitness program tailored to my needs. I value health and fitness, but I have very little spare time and Maureen was able to create a highly effective program that produced results with just a few minutes a day. Furthermore, Maureen is an exemplary role model of health and wellness both physically and mentally. She consistently demonstrates extensive knowledge, tremendous patience, and a great passion for her work. I cannot recommend Maureen Kemeny highly enough!”

-Shoshanna Cogan: www.ShoshannaCogan.com

Janet Huehl pic“Maureen is caring, focused, very passionate about her work. These qualities combined with her wealth of life experience and professional training make her a very effective coach. Her skills of compassion, non-judgmental listening, and positive energy are so essential for helping clients move forward toward in their goals toward their vision.”

-Janet Huehls, MA, RCEP, CYT

EA“Maureen is able to assess your needs from your perspective- even though her physical ability is far greater than most (if not all) of her clients, she can clearly asses through your eyes, your abilities –to what your best is. She celebrates your accomplishments like they were her own- she shares in both success and disappointment.

Maureen is extremely professional in her approach to training, her appointments are always on time –her follow through is excellent. Also while being very professional, she has a unique ability to also be very warm and caring.

She also is able to help you feel effective with what time or effort you have available. The goals she helps you set become obtainable.

When you do have a disappointment her reaction is always solution based. She helps with logical solutions that make you feel empowered rather than defeated.

Maureen is also very in tune with her client’s bodies, i.e. She is very careful of injury and mindful of the individual’s limits. Maureen educates herself based on your need and the result is that each client feels as though they are the only one.”

 -Ellen Augello: Executive Director, The Alexa Foundation

KateL2“Maureen is an amazing mentor – so perceptive, smart and well-informed in all areas of physical health and mental well-being. I have been fortunate to be able to work with Maureen for the past several years.

I first met Maureen when I was 56 years old, newly retired, and setting out to become a triathlete, a lofty goal for a middle-aged, overweight woman. Maureen and I were members of a running group that was just starting up, and she taught me, and all the women, much about running technique and injury prevention. I was then excited to enroll in one of Maureen’s small group / personal training programs, where she patiently guided women of all levels of fitness to achieve their goals. I was able to continue using her strength and balance exercises to both tone my body and become a better athlete.

Maureen is patient and kind. She is an exceptionally good listener and an excellent problem-solver. She has the ability to deconstruct an issue and to offer possible solutions.

With Maureen’s guidance, I was able to go, not from “Couch to 5K,” but from 5K to Ironman Lake Placid Age Group winner, and subsequently, to Finisher at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, in October of 2013. I reached the pinnacle of competition in my sport as a 60 year old, and I know that Maureen played an integral part in that achievement.”

-Kate Leary

JSD“I was first referred to Maureen Kemeny over 15 years ago for personal training. Since then Maureen has become my friend, mentor, coach confidant, teacher and instructor for all things health and wellness related. She has changed my entire outlook and attitude towards creating a healthy routine for physical activity. She helps me sift through the most confusing and often conflicting information about healthy lifestyle recommendations. I absolutely trust that she is giving me the most up to date and accurate information.

She REALLY helped me deal with my roadblocks for setting and fulfilling personal healthy lifestyle goals. Maureen’s coaching, her motivation, encouragement and understanding of real roadblocks will take you on a wonderful journey that will empower you.”

-Janet Schiff-DiFiore: Youngstown, NY

Nanette Luczak“Before I started working with Maureen, I felt hopeless. I had been trying to lose my post pregnancy weight for over 10 years. I didn’t know how to motivate myself and in general didn’t feel good about myself. I was attracted to Maureen’s program because I would not have to follow some ridiculous diet plan or throw big tires around. It all made sense and she worked with me on a daily basis to make it fit with my life. She gave me constant motivation and accountability.

After more than 10 years I finally found something that worked. In 12 weeks with Maureen I lost a total of 40 pounds. First the first time in a long time I felt really proud about how I looked.

Maureen was always positive, supportive and encouraging. I have a back injury and she helped me find ways to strengthen my way and keep moving. Best of all I learned not to use it as a reason not to move forward in my health and wellness.”

-Nanette Luczak: Controller, Nupro Cooperation