Food Hacks to Feel Your Best All Day Long


Written by: Maureen Kemeny

February 3, 2022

Would you like to have more clarity, focus, energy and less brain fog throughout your day?

What you eat and how you combine foods have a huge impact on how you will feel throughout the day. It will also determine how hungry you’ll feel the rest of the day.

By focusing on your first meal of the day, you can control sugar cravings, mid afternoon slumps, and weight gain.

You’ll notice that when you eat in a way that balances your blood glucose you’ll have much more energy, focus, clarity and less brain fog. You’ll also experience fewer physical issues, like gastrointestinal problems.

In North America we are accustomed to starting our day with refined carbohydrates like cereals, toast with jam, or maybe even a donut with coffee. This is NOT how you want to start your day. Refined carbohydrates create a glucose and insulin spike and the rest of your day will be a downward spiral.
Control your glucose and you will control your day.

If you’re someone who can’t imagine starting your day without a refined carb like bread, here’s a hack. Combine fiber, protein and fat with a processed carb and this will help balance your blood glucose. You’ll have more energy and feel better throughout the day In the photo above, egg provides protein, pea shoots provide fiber and avocado provides healthy fat.

If you’re someone who is never hungry in the morning then by all means don’t eat till lunch. Remember though to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Also, remember with a shorter eating window that you have to really focus on food quality to make sure you’re consuming the nutrients and minerals you need to stay healthy.


breakfast cereals, granola, pastries, toast, juice, dried fruit, energy drinks


healthy fats like nut butters, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, C8 MCT oil, sesame oil, grass fed butter,
protein: full fat dairy like plain yogurt, meat, wild caught fish
full fat and not fat free products.
when you’re in a rush, try a full fat yogurt with berries or a glucose friendly smoothie (see below)
oatmeal (steel cut oats)

When you just can’t imagine starting your day without refined carbohydrates,
here are 4 hacks to help balance your blood glucose and not create a huge spike:

1️. Eat vegetables, fat, protein before a carbohydrate like bread or cereal. Food order has a significant impact on glucose and insulin levels.. You can apply this principal at any meal. For example, when you eat processed carbs after eating a salad at dinner, you will have a lower glucose response.

2️. When eating a fruit, spread a nut butter on it. There are so many different ones to try like almond, pecan, cashew, peanut. Always buy organic and make sure there are no other ingredients added.

3. If you enjoy a smoothie in the morning, it’s best to add fat (avocado, nut butter, coconut oil. C8 MCT oil, greek yogurt) and protein along with just enough fruit to taste.

4️. Another hack is to have a glass of water before eating a processed carbohydrate with 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of vinegar (some vinegars are more tasty than others. I prefer apple vinegar). Drink it with a straw to protect your teeth before having your toast and jam.⠀⠀


P.S. My current weight loss group is wrapping up next week and their results have been phenomenal! The next group will run in April. More details here.

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