20140317_Maureen-187When you spend most of your days taking care of everyone around you, 

it’s easy to put yourself last on the list.

You don’t have the time, energy, know how, or motivation to focus on your health. Sometimes it just seems easier to  lay on the couch or stand in the pantry.

You know that has to change.

 You’re ready to take control of your weight and get fit.

 And it’s not just about looking a certain way or fitting into a certain size. 

You know that once you take better care of yourself, you’ll have more energy to invest in your life and the ones you love.

You deeply treasure being known as a person of integrity and of service.
You spend your days looking after, supporting and encouraging others. It’s time  to fill your own cup.

I’m Maureen Kemeny, and it’s my passion to help hard-working people learn to take control of their health and fitness. With the right strategies, support and tools you can create lasting lifestyle change no matter what.

I once was also (almost) convinced that I would not be able to get off the couch and be in control of my health again.

After a devastating accident and several herniated discs, I was told (by three doctors!) I’d never run, bike or swim again.

At the time I was a mother to two young kids and worked in school psychology. I wanted to be fully present for my family and my job, but not being able to get off the couch left me feeling helpless and frustrated. The road back wasn’t easy. In time, I recovered  stronger than ever. My results made me passionate about sharing my successful techniques with others. Now I’m an athlete (marathon, triathlon), a certified health and wellness coach, a personal trainer and biggest loser pro.


Within 5 years of that accident I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, qualified and ran the Boston Marathon, and competed in my first half ironman- all this at 45+.

I know that almost anything is possible with the right mindset and system.

With more than 20 years practicing psychology, I know how to shift mindset and create change. And I’m an expert at determining the daily action steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

I use the latest methods in positive psychology and strength based approaches to bring out the best in YOU.

Your personal program  will spell out daily action steps so you don’t have to figure anything out. You can say goodbye to excuses.

You will learn to love yourself (and your body) as much as you adore your job and the people you selflessly serve.

I know that what’s possible for my clients and me, is possible for you!


With my system, motivation and accountability you will be able to put yourself back on the priority list and have the energy to pursue your dreams.

Are you ready to feel fit, healthy and energized? Are you ready to take better care of yourself and the ones around you? Check out my comprehensive coaching programs HERE.

YOU deserve to be your best and I would be honored to work with you towards your ideal health and fitness vision.

To your health and future self,


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Maureen Kemeny is a mother, wife, athlete, entrepreneur, consultant and coach. She is passionate about creating realistic and inspiring plans for people to improve their health, fitness and wellness. Maureen earned her Bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Toronto, and while there continued on to complete her post-graduate studies in Assessment and Counseling.
After graduating, she spent the following 25 years working as a psycho-educational consultant, a behavior consultant and learning disability specialist.
Maureen became a certified personal trainer in 2001 and shortly thereafter began her personal training and coaching business. Some of her other certifications and training are as follows:

  • Certified Biggest Loser Pro: current
  • Certified Personal Trainer: current
  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach: Wellcoaches School of Coaching 2014. This certification is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • Sport Psychology Training: with Dr. Kate Hayes and Dr. Jack Lesyk 2012
  • C.O.R.E. Certification Level II
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Training 2015: with Dr. Kristen Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer

It was not until she was in her 40s that Maureen had more time to train and pursue some of her own athletic goals. She participated in her first marathon at 44, ran the Boston Marathon at 47, and competed in her first triathlon that same year. She also qualified for and joined QT2 SYSTEMS’ elite triathlon team at 52. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was another highlight for her.

Maureen’s current training focuses on triathlons, specifically the half ironman distance.