Welcome to the

3% Health Club!

A support group for healthy women over 40

Community + coaching + education = TRANSFORMATION

I’m so happy you’re here! This program is for you if you have completed my signature program: Reset Renew Results, or worked with me one-on-one.  If you haven’t yet completed the program, you still can! Read more and sign up by clicking HERE.

The 3% health club is for women over 40 who want to prioritize their health and grow in their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Every month, advanced health concepts in nutrition, stress management, sleep, exercise, and emotional health are presented. This is a group setting for women who want to live their best life possible!


Continue the journey you’ve started in reclaiming ‘YOU’


LEARN how to get out of your own way


Uncover the root causes to what is derailing your progress

Monthly Theme

We will have 2 group calls per month, led by Maureen. Calls are live and recordings are provided if you are unable to attend. 

Each month focuses on a new theme. Some past topics have been: 

  • Your holiday survival guide
  • Creating goals from an abundant minset
  • How to navigate fear


Along with education and coaching, the zoom calls encompass accountability and support. This is the perfect equation to keep you moving forward with your health goals.


This club is 100% online! Reduce pandemic stress while still gaining support from a group of amazing women. This is also perfect for busy women; Access the club materials from anywhere, anytime!


Pay as you go- no subscription required! YOU decide each month if you could use some extra support and guidance.

3% Health Club = $29 per month

Who is the 3% Health Club for ???

The 3% Health Club was designed for women who have completed Reset, Renew, Results. You will be surrounded by other women who are on a similar journey. Women who prioritize their health and don’t make excuses. You will be among an elite group of women who take ownership of their health and life. 

Women who understand that there isn’t a second act. 

Only 3% of the population makes their health a priority. Good news- you are now a member of this elite group!

The 3% Health Club will support you in being the best YOU and living your BEST life possible. 

Each month has a different theme. You’ll be provided with a workbook to guide you along.  

Join us and continue to find your untapped potential. 

Have Questions?

Book a call with me to find out if this VIP program is a good fit for you.

"I recently graduated from Maureen's weight loss group to the next level of my journey. This is a group of very committed ladies who are digging deep into the emotional elements of weight loss, maintenance and personal growth. Each session we take a very close look at our motivations and habits. This group has forced me to step back and look at my life and actions in a whole new light. In only a few zoom meetings I have pushed myself to new levels of awareness. Not only have I become aware of my real desires and needs but also how they affect the people around me. I look forward to continuing with this group for a long time. "

Donna Klein, Buffalo NY

“ The 3% club helped me keep on track and be accountable. Having a support group that was also focussed on losing weight and/or maintaining weight loss is so important. It let me know I was not alone. The monthly zoom calls, texts, messages on closed Facebook pages was excellent. It motivated me to move if I hadn’t done so that day and to maybe decide not to eat that extra snack in the afternoon. With the support of the group I have continued on my weight loss journey as well as long term wellness. With the ongoing support I have continued to lose weight and have lost 25 pounds, with the last 5 pounds happening in the 3% Club. I have realized that I am stronger than I thought both physically and mentally. ”

– Jacquie Kummel Ottawa, Canada

“The 3% Health club taught me how to set realistic goals by creating a timeline that fits my lifestyle without adding stress yet still enabling me to reach my goals. I also learned the importance of having a plan if obstacles or failures take place, and that it is up to me to have a plan to move forward and to not fear failure. I know now fear will not take over. I get to decide how much fear plays a part in what I do or want to accomplish. Greatest take away from the 3% club is that I can overcome fear. I wish I had joined this club when I was much younger!”

– Maureen Cacace, Stamford CT

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