you can control your destiny by maureen kemeny health and wellness coach buffalo nyDO OUR GENETICS REALLY CONTROL OUR FATE?

Sure DNA is important, but it’s a misconception to think that our fate is only controlled by our genetics. Most of us have a parent with some kind of illness, maybe obesity, cancer or depression and it’s pretty normal to fret about our biology. It becomes a problem though when we allow this belief to stop us from moving forward and taking control of our health.

I’ve been there too. I know how easy it is to think that genetics might be responsible for our behavior. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I catch myself thinking and even saying that maybe my forgetfulness is an early sign of the disease. I understand how hard it is not to worry, but it certainly doesn’t mean our fate is sealed.


Your genetic history is important, but to believe ONLY it determines your fate is a belief that simply isn’t true and needs to be challenged.

The research shows that more than the majority do not share the same problems as their families. Take my family for instance. My father is one of 10 kids and my mother is one of 12. Between the two, their families showcase almost every disease, but my parents are pretty healthy. Both are in their 80s and have been following a healthy lifestyle for decades.

The work that is being done in obesity clearly demonstrates that predisposition does not equal fate. It’s showing that even though many adults carry a certain gene for obesity it doesn’t mean they will be obese. Other factors, like a healthy diet and exercise, have a huge impact on the gene’s expression.

The steps to  challenge the course of your biology:

  1. The first step is to be aware and notice if you’re using biology excuses to hold you back. Most of us are to some degree. Write these beliefs down.
  2. Then challenge these thoughts. Ask yourself, does every person in my family suffer from all these ailments? Do you know a family whose parents are depressed, divorced and addicted and whose children do not share their problems?
  3. Choose a health goal and use the research to reassure yourself that your efforts to eat well and exercise will influence the genetic expression.

You too can rise above your genetics. You can CHOOSE to live a healthy lifestyle and determine your fate rather than letting your genetics predispose you to a fate you don’t want. Don’t let biology stop you from acting. Don’t let it disempower you. You have the power to make health changes that can alter your predisposition for the better.

Our Focus Becomes Our Destiny

And remember how you think affects your behavior which in turn affects your biology. If you want to read more about how your thoughts influence your behavior and health, I highly recommend one of my all time favorite books ‘Anatomy of An Illness’ by Norman Cousins.

Make a commitment to yourself  to recognize and challenge these thoughts. YOU are worth it. You can do it.

Now it’s your turn. I would love to know if you have any limiting biology beliefs that are holding you back and need to be challenged. Let me know in the comment section below.

 To your health

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  1. says

    This was a great article with a very good point. I have found myself worrying many times about what aspects of my family’s health history might prevent me from doing something, though I am often proved wrong and all that worrying is just wasted time.

    Take a deep breath and give everything a shot! It’s the only to know if you can or really cannot do it 😀

    • Maureen Kemeny says

      Elizabeth, I love your approach. Fear and worry are part of our makeup and the challenge is to forge ahead in spite of it. Taking a deep breath is a great strategy.